We’re back, and are proud to announce the Sheffield 2023 Powerlifting Championships.

Launched in partnership with the International Powerlifting Federation, Sheffield 2023 will showcase the stars of our sport in a high-profile event with the largest prize fund in powerlifting history.

The event is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, bringing together 12 men and 12 women to battle it out for world records and the title of champion of champions.

As a result of COVID-19 the competition could not go ahead as planned in 2020. Planning to bring the event back has been underway since this time, and we are ready to welcome powerlifters from around the world.

Athletes will be coming together for a truly international competition, with both men and women competing on Saturday, March 25th.

To automatically qualify for the event athletes competed in the IPF Classic Worlds in June 2022, and will now have the opportunity to defend their place among the world’s best.

Intended as a celebration of the sport and its history, Sheffield 2023 will see fierce competition and world records fall.


Tickets are now available for Sheffield 2023.

Hosted at the historic Sheffield City Hall venue, spectators can choose from over 2,000 seats to watch all the action. Doors open at 2pm, and the competition will begin at 3:30pm.

Premium seats in the front stalls (those numbered from 17 to 42) include a VIP post-show experience with an athlete meet and greet after the award ceremony concludes.

Scoring and Prize Allocation

Sheffield was created to showcase the stars of our sport and offer a platform to break records. The allocation of our prize fund supports this vision.

• Total prize fund: £365,000
• Potential maximum an individual athlete can win: £40,000
• World records on squat, bench and deadlift: £5,000

The overall title and placings will be determined by how each lifter performs, compared with the world record total in each lifter's class.

The total of each lifter at Sheffield will be taken as a percentage of the IPF classic open world record total in the lifter's weight class.

For example, if lifter A totals 550kg in the 63kg class, with a world record total of 548kg, they will receive a score of 100.4%. If lifter B totals 640kg in the 84kg class, with a world record total of 636.5kg, they will receive a score of 100.5%, and will be ranked higher than lifter A.

Totals at Sheffield will be ranked relative to the IPF classic open world records totals as of March 24, 2023.

Top 10 prize awards (for both the men’s and women’s competitions):

• 1st Place: £25,000
• 2nd Place: £12,500
• 3rd Place: £7,500
• 4th Place: £6,000
• 5th Place: £4,000
• 6th Place: £2,000
• 7th Place: £1,750
• 8th Place: £1,500
• 9th Place: £1,250
• 10th Place: £1,000

Athlete Eligibility

• Competed in an IPF World or Regional Classic Powerlifting event.

• Currently in good standing and not under suspension from the IPF.

• No prior anti-doping offences warranting a ban of more than one year.

Athlete Selection (subject to meeting Athlete Eligibility)

• First Round - 2022 World Classic Open Powerlifting Champions, who total at least 95% of the Classic Open world record total for their division, reflecting IPF records as of June 5, 2022.

• Second Round - Top performing athlete from each unrepresented IPF region in the IPF World Open Classic Powerlifting Championships 2022, ranked according to the percentage of the open world record total for their division, conditional on totaling at least 95% of the Classic Open world record total for their division, reflecting IPF records as of June 5, 2022.

• Wild Cards - Remaining slots to be selected by SBD.