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Elbow Sleeves


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Designed specifically for strength sports and general fitness training, the SBD elbow sleeves provide maximal support for any pressing event.

Combining the high grade neoprene used in our knee sleeves with a thinner interior panel, ideal for pulling and pressing motions.

  • Sold as a pair
  • 5mm and 7mm high-grade neoprene
  • Reinforced seam construction to maximise longevity and security
  • Designed to minimise the risk of injury and aid performance
  • Manufactured in Great Britain

How to measure

Measure the circumference of your forearm and lower biceps, taken with your arm locked and muscles relaxed, then choose a size that best fits both measurements.

The elbow sleeves have more stretch in them than our knee sleeves, so if you are in between sizes we would suggest going for the smaller size.

Care instructions

We recommend hand–washing the elbow sleeves with water or a mild detergent (or a specialist neoprene / wetsuit detergent), then allowing the sleeves to air dry standing up.

The spin cycle of a washing machine can damage the sleeve, as the sleeve becomes quite bulky when wet, and it can potentially get caught up or damaged by wringing. High heat from a washing machine or a dryer will degrade the rubber in the sleeves (potentially causing shrinkage or brittleness).

1 review for Elbow Sleeves

  1. Brandon O’Grady

    Well worth the money.
    I’ve never used or been into any extra items like this when it comes to my lifting but these definitely are the exception. Definitely feels like you have “power armor” on in the best way. Keeps my arms feeling strong and warm, and is especially good for Overhead Pressing days, along with Weighted Dips. If you have been in the lifting game for a while and or plan to be in it for the next few years, then well worth the money and right choice to get.
    (Recommend by Brian Alsruhe @NEVERsate)

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