10mm Lever Belt
10mm Lever Belt
10mm Lever Belt
10mm Lever Belt

10mm Lever Belt

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Featuring a patented gliding lever, providing the adjustability of a prong belt with the ease and tightness of a lever belt. Ideal for sizing up or down whenever you need during training sessions and competitions.

The 10mm lever belt is constructed using two different cuts of hide to allow the belt to retain support while moulding to your waist. Featuring a low profile buckle - along with rounded edges and corners - to minimise any obstruction or discomfort from contact between the legs and the belt. 

Designed through collaboration with world-class athletes, coaches, and health professionals.

  • 10mm thickness and 10cm in width.
  • Black oiled leather finish with a red suede interior.
  • IPF approved.
  • Made exclusively from British cowhide.
  • Manufactured in Great Britain.
 Size Range (cm) Range (in)
57.5-70 22.5-27.5
S 65-80 25.5-31.5
M 72.5-90 28.5-35.5
L 80-100 31.5-39.5
XL 87.5-110 34.5-43.5
2XL 95-120 37.5-47
3XL 102.5-130 40.5-51
4XL 110-140 43.5-55
5XL 117.5-150 46.5-59

If you already own a belt, we recommend measuring your current belt on the tightest setting you use to give you the circumference of the belt at the setting you usually use.

If you do not have a belt then please measure your waist where the belt will sit (which is normally just above the navel), with your abdominal muscles braced. Please do not use your trouser waist measurement as this will not be accurate for the belt measurement.

We typically recommend a belt where you fall in the middle of the sizing guide, as this will allow you to adjust the belt in either direction depending on your preference of fit, what exercise you are using the belt for, should your bodyweight change, or if you wear the belt over layers of clothes or a neoprene belt.

To ensure the outer face of the leather and the stitching retain their original appearance, we would recommend using a regular black shoe polish once every 1-3 months. Polish directly onto the leather and then buff to a shiny finish.

Avoid dropping or throwing the belt, as this can cause damage to the belt buckle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Komninos Kladakis

I’ve owned this belt for several months now, and it’s truly remarkable. It’s 100% worth the price. The secure locking system is exceptional, offering the highest quality. You can genuinely appreciate the craftsmanship, and it has made my lifts feel much safer. The customer support is also outstanding; they deserve recognition. Initially, I received the 13mm belt, which had some minor cosmetic issues, but the support team promptly exchanged it for the 10mm version. The 10mm belt is a better fit for me as it’s more comfortable during squats. For those who can afford it, I highly recommend purchasing this belt—you won’t be disappointed. Since then, I’ve acquired several more items from SBD Apparel, including wrist wraps, elbow and knee sleeves, and figure-8 straps. All of them have been exceptional. Bravo to SBD Apparel!

Matiass Gertners

Absolutely amazing belt feels good, the 10mm especially good for deadlifts and bench if you are a lighter lifter or have a small waist.

Wasim Yasin
SBD 10mm just love it

To be very very honest the 10mm is far the best belt i have ever got first i bought 13mm which is not for me and I gave to one of my friend and now when i bought 10mm I just love how can i explain my squat improving every legs day along with Deadlift too I wasn't expecting this 10mm that much makes me happy because i have bad experience having 13mm which was not suited or fix on my body or may be it was too early but since I have use this 10mm in very first day i fell in love with it
Thanks SBD

Best Belt Ever

I already have the 13mm belt from SBD. I was and I am very satisfied with the belt in general. When I noticed that SBD anounced the 10mm belt, I really wanted to have it because the 13mm belt is sometimes a bit too uncomfortable for me. I'm also not very tall and sometimes had problems with the 13mm belt during DL. The new 10mm belt feels absolutely perfect to me.

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